PS4 Jailbreak Made It Possible To Play Pirated Games On PlayStation 4: A Headache For SONY

Recently the PS4 Jailbreak method has been discovered by a hacker named "Reckz0r." Before completing a full month of release date, the hack came out. This hack will help to play pirated games on PlayStation 4. “Reckz0r” published a tutorial that explains the process to hack the PS4. By this hack, a hacker can do anything he wants virtually.
We know, PS4 runs on Orbis OS, which is based on FreeBSD. “Rackz0r,” said, he has not modified anything to this OS, and he credits this discovery to a Brazilian hacking forum. I came to know this news from Greg Prescott from Prescott Papers. And now I am writing in full details.

Details of the Hacking

Hacker Rackz0r 1st published the tutorial of PS4 jailbreak. This jailbreak will give the root access of the PS4 console to its user. A user can play pirated games on his console by this jailbreak. A hacker can also access to the root system of this console and operate the system as his wish.

Reacts from Sony

According to the report of, Rackz0r and Sony had a conversation in the official PlayStation Twitter account.
Sony warned Rackz0r to remove the tutorial and all the links provided with the tutorial. They also warned him that he might get arrested if he didn’t remove the contents.
Sony showed anger to Rackz0r. He referred to “George Hotz” case (a hacker), who tried to crack PS3 and caught by Sony and agreed never to hack any product from Sony.
In this case, Sony behaves heavy handed because they suffered from several hacks before.

History of PS

PlayStation is a series of video game consoles created by Sony. Sony is also the developer of this product. This console was 1st released in December 1994. It was the 1st video game console to sell 100 million, approximately ten years of its launch. Sony launched PS2 in 2000 and sold more than 155 million units. PS3, Sony’s next console was released in 2006 and sold over 80 million worldwide. PS4 was released in 2013, and it became the fastest selling console in history.

Hacking History

Before PS4, PS3  also faced the hack by George Hotz (a console hacker). He warned by Sony and agreed never to do this again. But hacker didn’t stop. They tried to hack PS4. And in this time Sony was more careful and showed anger. Because they faced several, exploit hacking recently.

Though Sony is trying to resolve the problem, but hackers will surely find another way to pirate the console. Because they always try to hack and pirates the games.

Benefits of jailbreak

Everyone wants to use their device without any restrictions. But developer company always locks some features of their device because it’s one of their business policies. But if you are an advance user and you want the full advantage of your console, than you should jailbreak your device. It will give you the root permission and you can play free games without any restrictions and much more.

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