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There are many ways and methods to boost website traffic. If you are a new website owner it is a long time way to drive traffic from search engine to your newly published website. If you can get traffic from other ways like traffic exchange it will help your site to rank in Alexa faster and visible to search engine.

Hitleap is a traffic exchange website. It is a popular method to boost and drive traffic to new web pages. Here you can use two methods to boost your website traffic. One is traffic exchange and the other is buy minutes to get traffic.

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Traffic Exchange
A traffic exchange is a free method to get free minutes and use them to get traffic on your website. To use traffic exchange you need to install Hitleap software in your PC and then open and run the software to earn free minutes. Then after earn some minutes you can use these minutes to drive traffic to your website. If you open and run the software for 60 minutes then you will get 60 free minutes to use for your traffic. This software has an automated browser which browses other Hitleap users targeted webs page for a certain period and earns free minutes in your account.

Before Hacking I Had Only 89 Minutes in My Account
Before Hacking I Had Only 89 Minutes in My Account

Buy Traffic
If you are unfamiliar with free traffic and it is disturbing to you, then you can buy minutes from Hitleap website. 10000 minutes cost you $9 and 1000000 minutes cost you $625!! Many users don't like to earn free credits as it has some difficulties like you have to run their software for a longer period and also it will consume Internet bandwidth. If you are a limited data user, then it is a huge problem to you. Rather than using free traffic, minute buying is good enough to get hassle free traffic to your targeted website. When it come to paying the money to buy minutes, then it is certainly a problem to spend this amount for many of Internet freaks. But don't worry, I'll let you now how you'll hack Hitleap minutes and earn unlimited free minutes.

Hitleap Minutes Price Chart
Hitleap Minutes Price Chart

How to Hack Unlimited Hitleap Minutes
This method is 100% working. I am using this method till now and get unlimited traffic to my targeted sites. I found this trick in a secret forum and using this over 6 months to get traffic and boost my web pages. This is a hacking tool which will let you hack unlimited Hitleap minutes absolutely free. This hacking application is safe and virus free. It is almost easy to use. Just run this application and enter your Hitleap username and password. Then enter the amount of minutes you want to hack. Click on Confirm button and wait some moment. A confirmation notification will come out. Login to your Hitleap account in your web browser. Now see the magic. You get the exact minutes you entered in the hacking application. But remember, you can hack maximum 10,00,000 minutes at a time. So your hacking minute's value must be maximum 10,00,000 minutes in the hacking tool. You can not hack more minutes if your Hitleap account has minimum 100 minutes. For the first time hacking no necessary to maintain this rule. That's mean if you want to hack again after first minutes hack, you need to make previously hacking minutes less than 100 minutes by using them. You can put and hack multiple accounts by this hacking tool.

After Hacking My Hitleap Account - 1000000 Minutes!!!
After Hacking My Hitleap Account - 1000000 Minutes!!!

So, if you willing to increase your website traffic with unlimited free minutes then click here and download this software.

If the above link doesn't work for you then down from this link:

 Click Here to Download

Please note: This is a very rare hacking tool. You won't find it to any other website. So, I want only serious people should download and use this secret hacking tool. That's why, to prove you are really want this tool, here you may need to complete a quick survey to unlock the download.

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