5 Best Lightweight Music Players for Windows

Everyone loves music. It refreshes our mind. If you are a frequent music listener, then you may also love some music players here I suggest. If you are bored to use the same music player again and again and you want a change, try these free music players for your Windows PC. These are not only lightweight but also have good features and performance. Let's see...

5 Best Lightweight Music Players


AIMP Music Player

AIMP is a freeware Music Player which has some wonderful features. One of its wonderful features is the Audio Library. You can manage all of your music files to the Library. Its another great feature is Tag Editor. You can edit the Tags of your music files with this editor. It has also a unique feature, which is Audio Converter. You can convert your audio files to your desire file format. It supports a wide range of Plugins and Skins. With the help of its Skin Editor, you can customize your player skin. You have to download the Skin Editor from AIMP website. Its playing quality is better and you can use equalizers to customize sound setting.

Download AIMP

GOM Audio:


GOM Audio
GOM Audio

GOM Audio is another lightweight Music Player. Many of us are using GOM Media Player for playing videos. GOM Audio is their another creation. The look of this Music Player is very nice and user friendly. It is pre-loaded with several popular Internet Radio. It can play live streams over the internet. GOM Audio has an automatic power option. You can set shut down, restart and sleep time. It uses a low resources of RAM and support a variety of skins.

Download GOM Player




Quintessential Media Player

Quintessential Media Player is another lightweight Music Player. It has a wide range of skins and plugins. Its user interface and playing performance are very good. Besides, it can play some video formats. That's mean you can play audio and video both with this music player. But its video playing performance is not good enough. It also has a built in Media Library and a Tag Editor. Surely, You will like this player.

Download qmp


Winyl Player:

Winyl Player
Winyl Player

 Winyl is a very lightweight player which is only 2 MB. It has a simple user interface. Its built in skins are not so attractive, but user friendly. It can play Internet Radio. Winyl SMARTLISTS let you choose recently played audio. You can also play 50 Random Audios. Overall, you can try this simple audio player.

Download Winyl Player


Cool Player+ Portable:

Cool Player+
Cool Player+

Cool Player+ is very lightweight, portable Audio Player. It is one of my favorite Music Players. It is only 779 KB. It has a simple but good looking user interface. It has a playlist editor. You can manage your playlist from the editor.

Download Cool Player+
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