5 Best File Copy Tools for Your Windows 8 PC

If you are a windows 8 PC user, you may know that the default file copier limitation in windows. It takes much time to copy or move a large file in the windows default copier. If you copy some files to a flash drive, you may not be able to find the copying speed. But when you will copy a large file to another drive, you must see the slowest copying speed and it is a frustrating matter for you. There is a best way for you to get the maximum copying speed from your windows PC. See below to get 5 best file copy tools to utilize maximum copying speed.

5. FastCopy:


5 Best File Copy Tools for Your Windows PC
Fast Copy is a simple looking copying tool for windows. You may not like the interface of this tool. But its really work better than your default windows copier. It allows you to select  an individual command and specify actions for files based on size, group, types etc. You can move files and overwrite files securely. It is can be used as a portable application by copying the folder from the installation directory. Overall performance of Fast Copy is not satisfactory, but it is good enough than a windows file copier. You can use this software without any hesitation instead of your default file copier.

4. TeraCopy:


5 Best File Copy Tools for Your Windows PC
TeraCopy is another alternative of your default system copier. It is good enough than Fast Copy. It comes with a nice looking simple interface. Many of the alternative users uses TeraCopy as a file copier. It's really fast and has some unique features like Interactive file list, Error recovery and Shell integration. You can see the copying speed and the time it takes in the image aside. TeraCopy comes with two different versions. One is freeware and the other is paid Pro version. Pro version costs you $19.95 USD. In the Pro version you will get some extra features like copying files to favorite folders, saving reports, remove queued files etc. But as a home user, you should use the free version.

3. UltraCopier:


5 Best File Copy Tools for Your Windows PC
UltraCopier is a free and open source tool for windows. It has a nice user friendly look and you can use themes to change the default look. It has a feature to use plugins. So you can use plugins to give it various looks. It's a fast file copier and you must love it if you use. It has some great features: Play or Pause, Error Resume, Speed Limitation, Error or Collision Management. It has cross platform compatibility like Windows, Linux, Mac. If you wish, you can buy its ultimate version. But freeware version is enough. It's really a speedy copier. I assure you that it will not disappoint you.

2. SuperCopier:


5 Best File Copy Tools for Your Windows PC
SuperCopier is same as UltraCopier. Both are from the same publisher and both tools have same features. If you love UltrCopier than you must love SuperCopier. But SuperCopy has a different look and much user friendlier than UlteaCopier. It also has an ultimate version. But not necessary to buy the ultimate version. Although it copies files in super speed. So you can use either SuperCopier or UltraCopier. It's up to your choice. Because both tools will give you the same performance. You should know that a large number of people prefer SuperCopier than UltrCopier.

1. ExtremeCopy:


Now we are at No.1, ExtremeCopy is really deserves this ranking. Its unique features and interface gives you pleasure to use this tool. It is a super fast file copier. It's extreme speed doesn't take much time to copy a number of large files. It is a simple usage tool and replaces your default Windows file copier. Some of its great features: Extremely Fast, File Verification, Seamless, Controllable. It has two versions: Standard and Pro. The standard version is free, but Pro version license starts from $19.95 USD. Pro version has all the features of the standard version with: Failed File Recovery, Copy to Multiple Destination, Copy Task File. If you use the pro version it will not be loss for you.

Get ExtremeCopy Pro Version License:  A Bonus from me. Get the ExtremeCopy Pro License. Click above the Title of ExtremeCopy to go to the official website. Download the Pro version. Then use any of these License keys below to register the tool. And enjoy the Full Pro version.

 License Key:

Note: Each software works on other versions of windows like 7, Vista or XP. Please click on Application's title to download the desire Tool. If you like this post, please comment an share this site.

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