Watch 3D Movies at Home

Want to watch 3D movies at home? Now it's possible without buy expensive 3D glass and Projector. You can watch 3D movies at your home by doing some simple works. To watch 3D movies you need a home made 3D glass and a 3D copy of your desire movie.

This is what you need to make a 3D Glass:

1. Stiff/Thick Paper
2. Red and Blue colored Celopin
3. Scissors
4. Gum

Making Process:

1. At first print this pdf file to the stiff paper or draw the glass file on the paper. Now cut the frame and Temple of this glass with the help of scissors.

2. Now fix the right side of the glass with Blue celopin. Use gum to fix it. Then fix left side with Red celopin in the same way.

3. Now fix both temples of the glass with gum.

Now the glass is ready. Now you can watch 3D or Anaglyph movie by this glass.

Some 3D Anaglyph:

3D Dragon

3D Back Yard

3D Moon

Download more 3D Anaglyph Movie from HERE

Credit: স্বপ্নকর

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