Security Errors in Galaxy S5?

German technicians find a fingerprint sensor hacking strategy of Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone. Berlin based Security Research Lab challenged passed out the way of a Galaxy S5 security system, less than a week of coming this smartphone available in the market.
Recently they posted a video on YouTube on how to hack the security system of Galaxy S5. They said that they have broken the security system of Apple iPhone 5s in the same way. Technicians claimed, they used an empty fingerprint to passed out S5's fingerprint technology. Samsung authority has not comment yet to this context.


 Galaxy S5 costs maximum $256 to build!!!:

Recently IHS (An Analytics Company) has released a report of the Samsung Galaxy S5.  They also revealed the build cost of Galaxy S5. Technology website Recode has published the report. According the report, Galaxy S5 builds costs  slightly more than previous Galaxy S4 build costs. Galaxy S4 builds costs was $244.
Samsung didn't publish the build cost of Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5 Build Costs $256!!!

IHS analysis report shows that Samsung didn't add any extraordinary technology in S5 than previous S4. Samsung expends most of the display module to build the phone. Samsung used 5.1" full HD Super AMOLED Display in Galaxy S5, which costs $63. The cost is $12 cheaper than the Galaxy S4 5" Display module. DRAM and Flash Memory module costs $33 combined. Samsung expends only $4 for Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor which is less expensive than iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor. Apple expend $15 for each fingerprint sensor.
Galaxy S5's heart rate biosensor costs only $1.45 which is made by Maxim which is cheapmaker. And the assembly cost per device is $5. R&D, Distribution, Software and Marketing costs doesn't including.
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