Windows Repair (All Problems Solution)

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system for PC. About 90% Computers run on Windows. Sometimes Windows users have to face some problems with their operating system. Many of us don't know how to fix that problem and try to reinstall Windows to get solved. But you know everytime reinstalling Windows is not possible because its take time and after installing Windows we also need to install our necessary applications again. But we can get solved all our Windows errors with a simple but great tool called "Windows Repair." It's a repair tool for all in one Windows Solutions like Registry errors, Internet Explorer Problems, Windows Update, Windows Firewall and File Permissions etc.

Windows Repair Features:

Windows Repair can solve these problems:
  • Registry Permissions Error
  •  File Permissions Error
  • System File Error
  • WMI Repair
  • Windows Firewall Repair
  • Internet Explorer Repair
  • MDAC and MS Jet Repair 
  • Hosts File Repair
  • Policies set by Infections Removal
  • Icons Repair
  • Winsock and DNS Cache Repair
  • Temp Files Removal
  • Proxy Setting Repair
  • Non System Files Unhide
  • Windows Updates Repair
  •  CD/DVD or Missing/Not Working Repair
  •  etc...

Using Windows Repair:

When you first run the application you will see a welcome screen. After that you will be introduced to 4 steps. These steps are recommended to do before repair the system.
Step 1:
Clean Your System From Infections:
This tool will analyze your system and if your system is infected, it will clean your system. Without cleaning the system, it is a waste of time to repair the Windows.

Step 2:
Check File System:
It will check your file system for errors. If any error found, it will fix the error automatically.

Step 3:
System File Check:
This option will check your system file. If found any problem caused by wrong versions of it will repair the issue.

Step 4: 
Registry Backup and System Restore:
You can backup your system and registry before the repairs start. If any unexpected problem happens after the repair than you can restore your system and registry.

After all the steps completion, you can start the repair. Please be sure these steps are optional. You can skip all the steps and directly can Repair the system. But these steps are recommended for you.

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