Why My Windows PC Gets Slow and What is The Solution?

What do you do usually when your PC gets slow? May be you use some applications to make your PC faster. Did you think before, why your PC gets slow? Many reasons for that.
Let's look for some and get the solution.

1. Too many Windows Startup:

Problem: Too many windows startup programs and services can slow down your PC. Some of your installed application set to start automatically when your PC starts. For the reason your PC takes longer time than usual time to start.

Solution: Disable startup of unnecessary applications. You can use "CCleaner" to disable startup programs or go to "Run" program and type "msconfig" and hit enter. A splash screen will appear. Click on startup from tab menu. Untick unnecessary startup programs and click on "OK." Now it is fixed.

2. Low Available RAM:

Problem: If your system Memory is lower than actual, your PC will gets slow. Windows is a multitasking OS. When windows starts, it's also running some other system applications to operate. If you have lower RAM, necessary applications will not run correctly and PC will get slow.

Solution: Use any RAM Booster Application to kill background running programs or use "Windows Task Manager" to stop programs from process tab.

3. Unnecessary Installed Applications:

Problem: If you frequently install applications to your system, it will affect your OS. Unnecessary applications run in the background and it grabs a larger part of your system memory. Then it slows down your system.

Solution: Uninstall applications which you never use. You can use the Uninstaller application to uninstall programs. Because default Windows Uninstaller keeps some data in your system after remove the application.

4. Registry Data:

Problem: When you install new software, it create a key information in the Registry and Registry also hold key information of your operating system. If the registry becomes corrupted your PC will lose its usual performance.

Solution: Clean your registry and fix registry errors. You can use "CCleaner or other registry fixing application to solve the problem.

5. Junk Files: 

Problem: Regular using of system creates a number of junk files in the OS and it can slow down your PC.

Solution: Go to "Run" and type "%Temp%", then hit enter. Select all the files shown in the folder and delete them. Then type "Temp", "Recent", "Prefetch" one by one and delete all the shown files. Also delete them from "Recycle Bin."

6. Internet Cache Files:

Problem: When you use internet your browser hold browsing history information. The information grab your system storage and it slows down your PC.

Solution: Delete your browser cache files to get better performance. Also delete browser history if not necessary to keep.
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