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Silent Hill is a popular Hollywood horror movie. You may have seen the movie, but many of us didn't play the game from Silent Hill Series. It's one of the best horror games. Silent Hill: Homecoming is the 6th game of Silent Hill game series and made by Double Helix Games. This game is also known as Silent Hill V to the gamers.

The gamer has to play this game as the role of Alex Shepherd, a soldier who returns home from his duty to find that his father and brother are missing, and mother is in catatonia. He learned some of the secrets of Silent Hill and his past to find his brother.

The game was released in the end of September, 2008 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. On November 6, 2008 Microsoft Windows version was released. Note that, while the game is manufactured by Japanese publishers, but the Japanese version was cancelled some days before release.


Double Helix Games


 Konami Digital Entertainment


Silent Hill


 3D Engine: Slayer


Play Station 3

Xbox 360

Microsoft Windows

Release Date: 



Survival Horror


Single Player

System Requirements:


Dual Core Processor,


512 MB Graphics,

Windows XP OS,

DirectX 9.0c with Shader Model Version 3.0

The gameplay is third person features. You have to explore clues from various environments and locales. Clues like photos, drawing, keys etc. You can save the inventory inside your (Alex) journal and you may read at any time. Like other horror games there is not much weapons in Silent Hill Homecoming. So you have to concern using weapons, and you can also play puzzle elements in the game. Besides, you can select dialogue as your choice.
 Since Alex is an experienced soldier, therefore you can organize your combat as your choice.


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Information From: Games Zone BD

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